Never miss a customer call again. Let us take your calls for you.

Answering Service

Professional telephone answering service customized to your business needs.

24/7 Coverage

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year


Phonesitter provides in-house German and English-speaking agents

How it works!


Transfer your incoming calls to Phonesitter easily via call forwarding. We welcome your callers with your individual greeting text, connect with you on request or inform you about the request of the caller by e-mail, SMS or fax.


Office service

Phonesitter provides screened or unscreened warm-transfers.

250+ Agents

Our highly trained agents are prepared to handle every call quickly and accurately.

VIP function

Let your premium customers be connected to your mobile phone without detours.


Phonesitter supports email, SMS texting or fax options to fit your needs.


Phonesitter takes over the planning of your diary using the Google calendar function.


Plan your accessibility with meaningful data.



Craft business

Phonesitter takes calls while you are on site or on customer appointments and informs you immediately about the concerns of your customers.



Outside business hours and peak hours Phonesitter handles phone inquiries and table reservations. Thus, no customer has to wait long and the restaurant operation is not disturbed.



Online trading is buzzing! So that questions and orders can also be received by phone, Phonesitter will record phone orders according to your specifications and inform you in writing via e-mail.


Property management

Many property managers use phonesitter to provide their tenants with a 24-hour hotline so that faults and problems can be immediately forwarded to the appropriate emergency service or caretaker.



No more annoying ringing in the salon and your employees can focus 100% on their customers - this is immediately possible with Phonesitter!



Let your customers place orders at any time. Phonesitter accepts the wishes of your customers and informs you immediately via e-mail, SMS or fax.



Due sickness and vacation-related shortage of personnel, especially in small and medium-sized companies, it can quickly lead to staff shortages. Phonesitter supports you on request according to your needs.



Demonstrate your accessibility and customer satisfaction with Phonesitter! Maximize your business contacts and increase your own productivity.

Save on Staffing and Equipment cost potentially - Save up to £1600 / month!

Hiring just one full-time 40 hr/wk receptionist employee can easily cost well over £ 1600 / month in wages, benefits and office space rental. This cost does not include the additional costs of office equipment, furniture, computer, office supplies and utilities.

Compare that to Phonesitter's typical telephone answering service customer who on average spends £ 150 / month for 24/7/365 round-the-clock phone coverage. That's less than 5 £ per day for round-the-clock telephone coverage - a potential savings of over £ 1600 / month.